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This week, consumer electronics take center stage as brands debut their latest and greatest inventions at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The “global stage for innovation” is where breakthrough technologies and their often-hefty price tags are introduced to the marketplace. Thus far, we’ve seen a new competitor for Tesla show-up and show-out, rollable TVs and 8K displays put your Black Friday-deal to shame, and a robotic dog that brings Amazon Alexa to life. We compiled a rundown of the most innovative brands and outrageous technologies we’re following this week:

Google displayed at CES for the first time ever, debuting their Amazon Echo Show imitations, and it didn’t go as planned. Google’s booth – located in the middle of a parking lot – was not waterproof… and it rained. The electronics they were displaying were not waterproof either, creating a major problem for the Alphabet brand.

Merge, a tech company that showed off augmented reality (AR) mixed with holograms last year at the show, developed emerging reality. Their 6DoF Blaster is basically a Nerf gun that incorporates your smartphone to create a AR effect without the annoying goggles. Hello Nerf wars without the cleanup of a million bright orange bullets.

LinkSquare debuted a pocket-sized spectrometer that verifies product information and detects dangerous pathogens such as salmonella or E. coli. The device can also detect prescription pills and counterfeit, mislabeled or diluted alcohol with just the press of a button. This device could protect consumers from the hundreds of food recalls each year due to salmonella or E. coli outbreaks and even protect from unknowingly-spiked or drugged beverages.

Travis the Translator, a phone-sized device that uses artificial intelligence to translate speech to speech in 80 languages in less than two seconds, first appeared on Indiegogo where it raised more than $1.7 million. The device eliminates the language barrier that often leads to social exclusion, travel frustrations, missed friendships or dangerous misunderstandings.

The Laundroid debuted last year – a machine that folds your laundry for you for $16,000. It’s younger brother showed up this year, FoldiMate, which comes at a more affordable price but requires you to feed the pieces to the device one by one. Kohler introduced Kohler Konnect, a collection of smart home and bath products including a kitchen faucet, shower system, bath system and toilet seats that respond to voice commands.

ElliQ by Intuition Robotics is a social robot aimed at senior adults to make taking advantage of today’s tech easier. The smart robot is a personal voice assistant that can play music, send and receive messages, manage a calendar and play videos. The device also suggests activity such as walking, and it can remind you to take medications.

While the larger-than-life TVs are a spectacle to see at CES, tech giants and startups alike appear bring new technologies every year, many of which are nothing short of life changing.

What was your favorite tech at this year’s show so far?

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