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As PR pros, we are increasingly tasked with creating content for our clients. This requires more than just good story-telling skills, it also requires a good eye for design – and often times that means font selection.

This week the online retailer, BelleChic discovered just how important font selection is when customers pointed out what their seemingly innocuous font looked like at a glance.

Do you see it?

The tote bag was supposed to read, “My favorite color is glitter.” But, the font they used makes it look like “My favorite color is Hitler.”

Several customers took to Twitter to post photos of the bag. Fortunately, most folks found the humor in what was clearly a design mistake.

To BelleChic’s credit, within one day, they took down the original tote, shared a revised image and issued a genuine reply:

BelleChic’s chief marketing officer, Matt Molen, distanced the company from the mistaken message:

“While I realize that most of the social media buzz and commentary has been tongue-in cheek, the type of abhorrent sentiment conveyed as part of the misinterpretation absolutely does not align with our company values, nor is it something we would ever want to encourage or support.”

So, as you create that next great bit of visual content, be sure to step back and really look at the font to avoid sending the wrong message.

Let us know what you think!

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