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Northfork Aligns Grocery Retailers with Recipe Publishers to Drive Purchase and Customer Loyalty Through New Shopping Experience

ATLANTA, GA – July 1, 2019 – Brandware, an independent marketing communications agency, has been selected to introduce Northfork, a personalized shop-by-recipe platform for grocery retailers, to the U.S. market. The addition of Northfork expands Brandware’s technology footprint, joining other technology brands including, Yi Technology, CXC Simulations and Client Command.

The Northfork platform integrates grocery retailers’ websites and/or apps with publishers’ recipe content and allows shoppers to automatically populate their grocery cart based on selected recipes and up-to-the minute store inventories, even combining products that are shared between recipes.

  • Shoppers can prioritize the types of goods they prefer for selected recipes, prioritizing the products by price or organic status, including options that minimize food waste, and save shopping time through auto-population of grocery carts.

  • Grocery retailers benefit by providing their customers with a superior and personalized shopping experience, leveraging real-time inventory.

  • Publishers ensure their recipe content is shared with active shoppers.


Brandware’s Atlanta team will collaborate with Northfork offices in San Francisco, Sweden and the UK on brand and media strategy, including media relations and thought leadership programs.

About Northfork

Northfork is a Swedish personalized shop-by-recipe platform for grocery retailers. The company enables grocery retailers to increase revenue by helping shoppers discover new recipes, shop smarter and faster. For more information visit

About Brandware

Brandware creates insights-driven, impactful coverage, content and conversation across today’s most effective earned, paid and owned communications channels. Headquartered in Atlanta, Brandware has additional teams in Los Angeles, Charleston, SC and Huntsville, AL. Brandware is a top-ranked firm for public relations, social media, digital marketing, content and marketing (O’Dwyer’s, Agency Spotter, Clutch).


Media Contact

Katie Milewski 770.649.0880

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