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Elke Martin

CEO and Co-Founder

Before co-founding Brandware in 2000, Elke spent nearly 20 years on the of client-side of corporate communications and publishing, including executive leadership positions at General Motors and Mercedes-Benz, the world’s largest membership organization and a leading enthusiast media company.  


After hiring and sometimes firing her share of agencies, Elke joined forces with her colleague David Krysiek to build a responsive, high-energy boutique shop with a mission of cutting fat and fluff out of agency services. That mission hasn’t changed.


Under Elke’s leadership, Brandware has helped top consumer and B2B brands in the automotive, powersports, technology, consumer electronics and luxury goods categories. Elke continues to be active in agency operations, including new business development and client strategy.


Loves to crush the competition at: detecting every last typo and grammatical offense. 

Favorite adrenaline rush: Any racetrack, auction, Concours or other event involving two or four wheels.

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