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Efrain Olivares

Account Manager

Los Angeles-based Efrain Olivares was born with racing fuel in his blood, along with a big passion for all forms of two and four-wheel competition. Before switching gears to public relations and joining Brandware, Efrain spent several years covering his favorite topic motorsports from the media side of the fence. 


Efrain excels at the art of creative story development. Whether it’s a high-performance automotive manufacturer, a tire company or cutting-edge racing simulation technology, he writes as well as pitches content that gets attention.


Whether he’s whipping up media alerts and press releases while operating on little sleep, thanks to clients with a big footprint at endurance races, or uncovering a unique feature story for a luxury lifestyle website, Efrain never loses his drive for crossing the finish line first.


Loves to crush the competition on: his road bike, on a twisty stretch of California asphalt.

Favorite adrenaline rush: racing his vintage Austin Healey Sprite.

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