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ATLANTA, GA – October 16, 2019 – Brandware, an award-winning, independently owned marketing communications agency, has been selected as Atlanta-based CarNow’s public relations agency of record. The most awarded digital retailing and communications company in automotive has transformed the way car shoppers engage online with car dealers, enabling dealers to connect with and retain car shoppers who shop on their websites. CarNow’s intuitive technology and exemplary service has made them the leading choice of dealers seeking digital retailing solutions.

Studies show that today’s consumer prefers to finalize most of the car shopping tasks before they ever visit a dealer’s showroom. CarNow’s tailored digital retailing solution products allow consumers to secure product knowledge, obtain personalized credit and financing information and receive trade in and incentive information.  Consumers can negotiate a price for the car they are shopping before ever walking into a dealership. CarNow products substantially increase dealer customer satisfaction scores because they offer consumers an alternative and a more efficient way to shop for the car they want on their schedule.


Consumer research studies show that customer satisfaction sharply declines when the time in a dealership exceeds 90 minutes. When visiting a dealership, most consumers prefer to learn about the car they are buying via a product expert and a prolonged test drive. CarNow products meet consumer shopping preferences at each step of their buying journey, offering them the choice of opting in or out at different points in the process.


CarNow is a JD Power network trusted provider. Dealers today understand that the way each consumer shops is unique and that processes and platforms need to be tailored to meet a changing  automotive marketplace. CarNow products are developed with best-in-class technology, deep automotive consumer insights, and implemented with personalized white glove service.


About CarNow

CarNow is the market leader in tailored digital retailing solutions for dealers. Our live products engage car shoppers, keeping leads live on a dealer’s website. Through our products, car shoppers receive enhanced showroom services, at anytime, anywhere, delivered to them on any device. CarNow’s White Glove in store service eliminates the technical insecurities common in dealerships, resulting in quick adoption and faster results. With nearly 4,000 roof tops in four and a half years, CarNow is one of the fastest growing companies in automotive. CarNow is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Learn more


About The Brandware Group, Inc.

Brandware creates insights-driven, impactful coverage, content and conversation across today’s most effective earned, paid and owned marketing communications channels. Headquartered in Atlanta, Brandware has additional teams in Los Angeles, Charleston, SC and Huntsville, AL. Brandware is a top-ranked firm for public relations, social media, digital marketing, content and marketing (O’Dwyer’s, Agency Spotter, Clutch).


Media Contact for Brandware:

Maggie Coleman (770) 649-0880

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